Air Freight and Sea Freight Services Dubai


Air & Sea Freight Services

RPM understands how crucial air and sea freight services are for our customers. This is why we handle all air and sea freight shipments in the most professional, reliable, and expeditious way possible. It gives us an exclusive stand as one of the best movers in the Dubai market. We are one of the very few packing and moving companies in the UAE that has a huge network of offices and agents throughout the world. It facilitates customers to coordinate airfreight shipments worldwide in just a phone call. For the safest, timely, seamless, and cost-effective packing services in Dubai, you can confidently contact Realtime Packers and Movers.

RPM provides accelerated air and sea freight service to our customers, be it domestic or international. Our airport-to-airport service is best suited for customers with a high volume of cargo to transport. Our sea shipping line includes a wholesale non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) that specializes in the movement of ocean freight in Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) volumes. As these are time- critical services, make sure to choose the best movers and packers in Dubai for the same.


Freight Forwarding

How do we deliver the best services to our customers consistently?

Realtime Movers Dubai is lucky enough to have some of the leading logistics specialists across the globe on our team. We believe in efficiency, precision, and accuracy more than anything else. Being one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, it is our responsibility to make diverse priority shipping services available to our customers. Each one of our services is optimized when it comes to supply chains, corporate setups, and shipments that require coordination.

Logistics is one of the most important yet volatile services in any transportation industry and is subject to constant changes. This is when the importance of Air and Ocean Freights comes in, and we at RMP have the following set of options to deal with the different demands and preferences of our customers.


Air and Sea Freight Handling

What makes us the best movers in Dubai?

In order to be the best movers packers in Dubai, it is essential to understand the current industry trends and the changing requirements of the customers. Needless to say, every logistics-driven firm needs to understand the demanding transportation requirements of the associated clients and therefore provide services accordingly. Realtime Movers Dubai is one such service provider that takes matters into its own hands. We offer Air and Sea freight forwarding services to customers according to their specific needs, be it domestic or commercial.


Domestic Freight Forwarding

What makes Realtime Movers stand out from the rest of the movers packers in Dubai is that we pay attention to even the smallest needs of our customers. We make sure that domestic freight forwarding through air shipping and transportation techniques are also attended to. This exclusive technique holds perfectly for overnight, deferred, same-day, and two-day shipments that need to be transported from one part of the state to another.


  • Synchronized cargo handling
  • Exceptional delivery services, even at the origin
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Negotiated bookings
  • All kinds of special handling services are available


  • Includes next-day freight handling via air transportation
  • Second-day forwarding for shipments that require immediate attention.
  • Deferred freight forwarding at a discounted price for domestic shipments that come with a 3-5 day deadline

International Freight Forwarding

When it comes to the best international movers in Dubai, RMP retains its position at the top. We have the infrastructure and warehousing capabilities to handing imports and exports pertaining to diverse sizes and scales. It gives us the provision to accept the requirements of our customers, irrespective of the size of their cargo. We amalgamate air and sea freight forwarding options depending on the deadlines, customer preferences, timelines, and even budget considerations.


  • One of the best packers and movers in Dubai with multi-modal freight forwarding options for customers to choose from.
  • Cordial relationship with internationally recognized cargo carriers.
  • Availability of diverse packaging options including full container, boxes, and more
  • Extended port and airbase connectivity
  • Capability to handle paperwork, international process, shipment management schemes
  • Improved shipment visibility and tracking facilities even across international waters and borders


  • We offer standard freight forwarding for shipments with no specific deadlines. This service targets clients with budget considerations and minimal deadline constraints.
  • Ocean Freight forwarding is one of the most sought-after services that include container allotment pertaining to different sizes. This is one of the most attractive shipping options for customers who are looking for budget-friendly services.
  • Priority Freight forwarding is also something we provide at Realtime Movers Dubai as an essential service and it targets clients with urgent deadlines.

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