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Transit Insurance

Goods could get damaged easily during the transportation process, especially the goods that are highly fragile, therefore it becomes mandatory to offer transit insurance services to our customers for assuring the safety of their goods. With our Transit Insurance Service, you can feel relax for your transported goods since they are backed up by our insurance policy while we move it from your place to its destination.

These attributes give us an exclusive stand among Packing and moving companies in UAE.

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Transit Insurance: Here is How We Protect Our Clients

Packing and moving goods might sound simple but come with a host of strategic decisions and potential loopholes. While there might be an accident or a natural calamity on the way, there can be instances where the packaged goods break or incur certain kinds of damages. In every scenario, it is the client that has to bear the burnt and this is where Realtime Movers DXB pitches in with the concept of Transit Insurance. Being one of the most-sought after commercial and residential movers in Dubai, we feel that it is our duty to offer some kind of cover to our clients, in case a mishap shows up, almost inadvertently.

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The Concept of Transit Insurance: How it Generally Works?

In simpler words, transit insurance actually offers a cover to the goods that are storage and getting moved to a certain place, as a part of the service plan offered by the concerned packer and mover. This way even if the products are damaged in the process, a considerable amount is returned back to the client, on the basis of prior valuations. While packers and movers take great care of the goods and packages, Transit Insurance is something that offers some peace of mind to the client who then becomes carefree and can concentrate on other tasks in hand. What individuals need to understand is that transit insurance works only if the goods are affected during transportation and not any other time during the relocation cycle.
At Realtime Movers DXB, we make sure that clients are always satisfied and this is why we facilitate transit insurances and support claims, if any. Our covers are extremely competitive and in sync with diverse client expectations.

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Features: How Realtime Movers DXB Goes about the Process?

We make sure that clients need not buy any other type of insurance as we cover it all for them. We start with evaluation of the product before packing them and put the tab on our insurance module. The best thing about our services is that insurance amount varies depending on the mode of transportation. However, we need to make sure that the product is in proper condition before it is getting transported.

Direct Approachability

Clients have the authority to come directly and ask for insurances, provided they are asked for only during the transit.

Why Choose US?

We make sure that clients need not worry about the transit insurance paperwork as we collect bills, attach them together, and do all kinds of heavy lifting in order to streamline proceedings for the customers.

No Need for other Insurance Agents

Realtime Movers DXB minimizes other types of insurance requirements as the client can only rely on us for the cover. While some companies might still lure clients with all-inclusive insurance that takes care of every relocation phase, more often than not the conditions are stringent and cannot be fulfilled.

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