Storage (Warehousing & Distribution)

The demand for storage facilities keeps increasing day by day. It is a crucial service and has to be managed with utmost precision and care. There are a lot of companies out there offering storage services, but what makes us unique is the level of professionalism we exhibit and the extend of hard work our team puts into each one of our customer needs. RPM is one of the best storage companies in Dubai, offering a wide range of services including storage services for both companies and households. We have the best storage solution in UAE that is offered at the best price in the market. No matter what the volume of your belongings is, we have the necessary tools and skillset to customize our storage space to accommodate any of your specific needs. We also transport your belongings to the desired location. We do have a special price discount for long-term storage clients. All of our warehouses are humidity controlled and are 10,000 sq feet tall. RPM also offers both self-storage and general storage facilities to our clients according to their requirements. We offer household and office storage facilities along with the commercial or industrial goods storage solution.

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Comprehensive Storage Facilities in Dubai

Relocating products from one point to the other doesn’t always involve moving them for an indefinite period of time. Instead, a majority of these goods need to be stored somewhere before they reach their location. This service is what we offer by providing an appropriate storage facility for individuals and companies. This is done to maintain product quality and save them from damages, scratches, and breakages. If you are looking for a quality warehouse to store your goods, then you have come to the right place. We at Realtime Packers and Movers offer the best storage services in Dubai, which we are able to provide with the help of our innovative storage solutions.


Exceptional services at affordable rates

Market conditions are quite volatile and so are the industry requirements. The storage facility has become an inseparable part of packing and moving, as the goods have to be stored between places before they finally reach their destination. In the existing market, it is important that goods are relocated to a specific location, as fast as possible. However, there are times when routing blockages and other issues hold up the moving services and the goods need to be stored, in order to be moved later. This is why storage services are actually necessary for businesses. The key is to choose the right packing and moving company in Dubai. The demand for storage facilities is high for individuals as well. Even though on a much smaller scale, household goods also have to be stored once in a while in between their relocation. RPM understands how diverse the customer needs are, which is why we offer both large-scale and small-scale storage facilities. When it comes to the packing services in Dubai, we have been able to create a name of our own. We make sure that every activity associated with storage, including warehousing and distribution is taken care of and products are moved in a hassle-free manner.

Premium Storage Services We Provide

RMP is one of the best movers and packers in Dubai and we have earned this name by providing exceptional services at affordable prices. When it comes to the storage facility service, we make sure that our clients have access to the following:

Commercial Storage Solutions

  • Humidity-controlled warehouses to choose from
  • Large area for hassle-free storage
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction
Household Storage Facilities

Household Storage Facilities

  • Proper warehousing solutions for household goods
  • Exceptional packing solutions
  • Category-based packing

Comprehensive Management of Warehousing Requirements

  • Strategic management of the inflow of goods
  • Optimized productivity based on goods involved
  • Giving complete authority to the concerned client
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Distribution Services with Better Transportation

  • Proper freight management and movement initiatives
  • Availability of tracking facilities
  • Takes care of reverse logistical requirements, if any

Cross-Docking and Trans-Loading Services

  • Streamlined lanes between origin and the concerned destination
  • Better connectivity between the transportation agents
  • Minimal distribution challenges
Office Storage Facilities

Office Storage Solutions

  • Sizeable storage facilities for storing office equipment and goods
  • Availability of skilled professionals
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The reason why we are your best choice

While we did talk about our service sets and features, there are a few more reasons why customers choose us over and over. Our value-added services, in regard to storage solutions, make a world of difference to the customer satisfaction levels and even help increase productivity. We make sure that labeling and kitting are done properly followed by pre-installation and pre-inspections for keeping the packages in the best possible condition. All of these factors together make us one of the best packers in Dubai.

We also offer in-house logistical innovation to the end-user who can then focus properly on the manufacturing requirements. Moreover, we always are on the lookout for improving the existing business processes by conducting periodic quality checks. As operational efficiency is guaranteed, it becomes all the easier for you to hire us for all the storage, packing, and moving specific requirements.

Our Services

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