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The trained cargo professionals do lashingvaluable bikes, cars, statues and antiques etc. as we provide one of the best and safe relocation services in Dubai,U.A.E.

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Move your Vehicles in a Hassle Free Manner

Vehicle Lashing is probably the most bankable moving solution for someone who is looking to get his or her four-wheeler or two-wheeler moved from one part of the state to other. However, the quality of services, safety of the consignment, and even the logistical ease depends on the type of vehicle lasting services used by the concerned client. Although there are many logistical partners that offer similar set of services, Realtime Movers DXB is one of the most reputed movers in Dubai that specializing in lashing services in regards to bikes, cargo, antiques, containers, and anything and everything that needs to be located.

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How Realtime Movers DXB Functions?

What sets us apart is the quality of professionals that work round the clock to fulfill client requirements while even exceeding quality expectations at times. Our company is professionally managed from every aspect and has cordial associations with gateway ports, onsite yards, container yards, and other resources; thereby making it easier to offer lashing, choking, packaging, and even palletisation services to the clients. Not just car moving services in Dubai, Realtime Movers DXB also offer a diverse repertoire of solutions when it comes to moving objects that require precise planning and high-end accuracy.

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What sets us Apart from our Contemporaries?

We make sure that clients are only offered the best-in-class features when it comes to lashing, choking, and other services that require loading and off-loading. Realtime Movers DXB makes use of world class machinery followed by exemplary allotment of materials, equipment, and manpower. Last but not the least, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is something clients can easily rely on.

Our Existing Service Sets Realtime Movers DXB Exclusives

For those who are looking for the best vehicle lashing services in and around Dubai must check our catalogue for prompt validation. We offer:

Excellent Lashing Services

  • Uses metal straps for adding strength to the overall process
  • Straps can be customized depending on the type of cargo in question
  • Customizable lashing solutions for extended reliability and additional support
  • Accentuated lashed containers with tension tightened metal strapping and stiffened metal clips
  • Sealer machines are used to protect cargo in the best possible manner
choking service

Reliable Choking Services

  • Uses wooden blocks for adding basal strength to the goods
  • Properly clutched containers for additional hold
  • Non-detachable carriages are used for seamless transportation

Reliable Packaging Services

  • Subsidiary to vehicle lashing services and typically used to carry and transport the not-so-bigger parts of the vehicle
  • Cartons, loose bags, wooden planks, PVC films, and other options are used, depending on client preferences
Palletisation Services

Diverse Palletisation Services

  • Widely appreciated services for warehouses, gateway ports, and even container yards
  • Top-notch services with highly competitive pricing

Ratchet Lashing Services

  • Diverse set of lashing services with buckles to secure loads, aircrafts, and board ships
  • Ratchet lashing benefits are available with endless systems and wire ropes for maximum durability and strength
  • Price points on the basis of load capacity and cargo dimensions
Heavy Vehicle Lashing

Heavy Vehicle Lashing

  • Involves moving machineries and vehicles that are heavier than usual
  • Proper usage of chains for keeping the heavy vehicles intact
  • Availability of flat tracks to keep lash certain vehicles which require special attention
  • Provision for open-top containers, especially for vehicles that are hard to contain

We, at Realtime Movers DXB offer exceptional vehicle lashing services in Dubai

UAE with competitive prices to account for. What makes us different is that we carefully analyze the customer requirements, well in advance before rending first-class lashing, vehicle, and machinery moving services.

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