7 Things You Must Know Before You Move Into A New Workplace

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calander December 21, 2021
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Office shifting is more challenging than a residential relocation. A workplace involves a lot of technical pieces of equipment. The wrap-up of the same is quite daunting. If you sort out things in an orderly manner, you can get along well with the tasks. Below are some useful tips you must keep in mind while moving into a new working environment.

1. Prepare For The Move In Advance

Plan the entire move early. You cannot handle everything on the last day. Shifting into a new office is not an easy process. There are a lot of challenging tasks on your path. If you are prepared well, you will know how to go about with the tasks. Find out ways by which you can reduce the complexity of the chores. Maintain a list where you can note down the number of tasks and the other related information. Get the layout of the new workspace and think about how well you can arrange the place. Carry along what is needed and purge the rest. You can also donate or sell off the items you do not require anymore. Do not proceed with the relocation without creating an expense chart. Check whether your team can afford the move before you start the formalities.

2. Encourage All Your Colleagues To Participate In The Pack- Up

Getting your cabins and desks ready will help you lessen the pack-up time. Discuss with your mates and decide on how to carry out the move effectively. Take their opinions into consideration and make them feel involved. Do not take responsibility on your own. Motivate your team members to come forward and lend a helping hand so that all the work can be completed beforehand and you need not scramble at the last second. The final day should not be a messy one. If you are thoroughly prepared, you can handle the tasks without creating chaos. Set up a meeting with the higher officials and value their feedback.

3. Transport Some Goods On Your Own

It is always better if you can help your packers and movers during the shift. You can move some of the items ahead of time and organize the new workplace. Well, this depends upon your lease period. If there is no issue with the same, you can go ahead and move some goods like the plants, personal desk items, and other valuables you think are important and cannot be loaded on the truck. You can take along some of the boxes and reduce the fuss on the final date. All this will work as per your plan, only if you start the work early. Begin the process at least a month before, only then can you expect a stress-free office relocation.

4. Research And Pick Out The Best Packers And Movers

Do not sign the agreement with the relocation company without doing thorough research on them. Surf the internet and get an idea of the best packers and movers in your area. Cross-check their reviews before you visit the company. Also, go through the major office moving services offered by them. Pick out a few that matches your budget and also suit your shifting requirements. Visit the organizations and get an estimate. You can proceed with the company that provides the best packing and moving solutions without compromising on quality.

5. Label All The Boxes

Labeling is important, especially when you have a large number of boxes. Marking the boxes will help you identify them better and you will know which box belongs to which place in the new office. Unpacking will become easy and you can avoid messing up the space in this manner. Mention all the details that you feel are required for identification on the box. You can also use a variety of colors for the same. To be more efficient, you can create a detailed spreadsheet consisting of all the details regarding the number of boxes and the items in them. In this manner, you will also have a digital backup for future reference.

6. Measure The Dimensions Of Your Existing Furniture

Before you relocate, visit your new office. Have a rough idea of the dimensions of the doorways and rooms. Also, measure the dimensions of your existing office fittings and furniture. Make sure that it fits in the new space. All your effort and time will be of no use if your furniture cannot make its way through the doors. The work multiplies and the cost increases. If you figure all these details out before you pack your goods and load them then you will not have to run around at the last minute. You will not need to shift the furniture that does not fit in the office and this will save you a lot of time.

7. Notify The IT Department Early

Let the IT team know about the move in advance. They will need some time to prepare for the shift. You must also consider their views and needs. They will have to work hard to organize the digital equipment and the numerous cords around. The IT department has to take care of everything beginning with the telephone connection. They will have to examine the working condition of all the digital devices before scheduling the pack-up. Keep these pointers in mind to experience a trouble-free office relocation.