5 Questions To Ask When Hiring International Movers

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calander December 31, 2022
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Moving abroad is different from moving domestically. Planning an international relocation involves many difficulties that, if not handled properly, could result in you paying more than you had planned. There are many horror stories out there about people who received low quotations and then had to pay extra money once their belongings were picked up, or about shipments going bad because they weren't packed properly. A substandard mover might cost you hundreds of dollars more than you had anticipated. Your move will go easily and without a hitch, if you know what questions to ask any international moving firm.

What to ask international movers

Proper licence

Make sure to inquire about the moving company's licencing to avoid moving scams and dishonest movers. you can look up their licence number and complaint record online. Of course, you won't need to bother if you choose a moving company that has earned a good reputation as trustworthy movers. You must ensure that the professional moving company you pick for your overseas move is insured and licenced.

Rate changes

A moving company will often give a quote that is active for 30 days. The actual date of your move can be later than that. Sometimes it's possible that the company won't be able to give a precise price until the job is finished. It's critical that you comprehend the quote's "wiggle room" to avoid being dismayed. Actual volume vs. surveyed volume, fuel price (lowers ocean transport costs), and changes to the delivery/pickup address are a few factors that could have an impact on the stated price.

In-house estimates

Always be on the lookout for moving firms that won't give their clients in-house estimates because they could be unscrupulous businesses out to scam you. The company's estimations will be most accurate if a representative visits your home to inspect your products, so be sure to ask over the phone whether this is the case. Verify if the representative is employed by the company and is not a freelancer. A firm representative will also be better prepared to respond to any significant inquiries you may have regarding the transfer.


Ask for references from a moving company before entrusting them with your belongings. A representative from the moving company should be able to give you all the information you require if you ask them to. Of course, doing the research is always your responsibility. Asking your friends and neighbours for advice when looking for a moving company is one option. Word-of-mouth referrals are still one of the best ways to discover a trusted mover even in this day and age.

Customs services

Customs brokering is a common service that many international shipping companies provide to their clients. This service will help you navigate the customs procedure once you get to your destination country. If this is your first time moving internationally, the amount of paperwork and documents required to cross customs might be very overwhelming. Your customs broker, however, will support you by organising your paperwork, figuring out taxes and duties, and ensuring that your shipment is prepared to pass customs when it arrives.