Best Way To Pack Crockery For Relocation

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calander February 1, 2022
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If there is one thing that can give homeowners a nightmare during the relocation process, is the crockery items. These items are an integral part of the kitchen and sometimes hold special values also like maybe gifted by someone or for a chef his crockery times from where he started his journey and so on. Packing all the crockery items can be difficult because you need to cover a lot of points and have proper boxes and safety packaging that is the right one. Choose the wring set of box and packaging materials and the next time you open the box to unload them, you will be seeing something that won’t be pleasing to the eys.

Top Steps To Pack Crockery Properly

1. The Right Box

Rember how we talked about choosing the right box in the beginning? Well, no we will see how the boxes are going to play their role when it comes to safely transporting the crockery. Firstly the boxes must be able to handle all the weight of the crockery items, if the box is not made of material that can withstand a great amount of weight like made of lighter material, it won’t be able to handle the load and will give up from the bottom leading you to hear a sound that no wants to hear, the sound of your precious crockery items falling and cracking from height. We, also have to make sure that the boxes are not too small as stuffing in too much can add extra pressure, and buying a big can lead to overstuffing, going way over the weight the box can take.

2. The wrapping Materials

Now, wrapping materials are important, do not skim out on them. First, let’s start with the tape. Make sure that the box is given an additional layer of strength by taping it on all the edges, just as a safety measure, as the corners can experience the weight of the items to a great length. After this comes the various other wrapping materials which are bubble wraps, airbags, polystyrene chips, and also silica gel. Now make the most of bubble wraps, cover all the crockery items in multiple layers of bubble wrap to ensure maximum safety as it will only increase the shock protection. Now, comes airbags, fill the vacant spaces in the boxes with airbags as they will act as a layer of shock absorption when the box moves around during the relocation process. Moving on to polystyrene chips are sued to fill up the vacant spaces in the box to make sure the items won’t move from side to side and cause physical damage. Now we all know why the silica gels are used, to protect from moisture, as certain utensils can be affected by moisture and can lead to stains and render them nonusable.

3. The Proper Position

You could do all the preparations and have all the wrapping materials with you and then you do the one things, that will jeopardize all the safety precautions you have taken, all the hours of planning gone and that is placing the plates flat on top of each other. Never, do that, you are placing the crockery items in a box, not in your home’s cabin. The crockery items should be arranged on their side, because in doing so we are adding another layer of safety, in the form of shock absorption as stocking them in this way will make them more resistant to physical movements.

4. Add Proper Labels

Labeling the box is important to alert the moving team what they are handling is a box of fragile items. Buy some fragile stickers and stick them all over the box and securely close the box with strong adhesive tape. Make sure to label the box which side is up and down as during the moving process this is a common sight where the package is picked up and sometimes placed upside down during the hasty moving process.

5. Call In The Experts

Moving from one location to another can be tiresome and much planning and preparation are needed, so sometimes the best thing to do is call the experts for backup, as they will be having the proper expertise and all the needed materials and work for the crew in one location. Loading all the packed items to the truck needs a level of expertise as proper care should be taken during the loading and unloading process or it will be prone to damage.


Packing and moving crockery items is not a big deal, if you know what you are doing, it requires proper planning and execution to make sure that there is no chance of anything going wrong, and when you unload the boxes and open them all the items are just the way you left them.