Sea Freight Shipping Services in Dubai

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calander Oct 15, 2023
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In the 21st century, the world is on trade, and nothing can happen without transporting goods and services globally. Being in a business where you have to transport your goods frequently is not always a walk in the park. Continuous anxiety, transportation hassle, and some known and unknown hassles - are never so pleasant. So, if you are a business in Dubai and wondering how to transport your business goods - sea freight shipping services in Dubai is your answer.

Well, if you are wondering what sea freight shipping is - this blog is for you!

What is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is a shipping method where huge cargoes and containers are transported overseas by sea using cargo ships and is one of the most affordable way to transport goods. Most businesses in Dubai and around the world prefer using sea freight as it is cost-effective and, of course, safe.

It is very different from traditional transportation of goods because shipping via sea usually involves heavy machinery, loads of goods, huge metal containers, etc. The reason businesses and individuals use sea freight is - a shipping company has containers that can include several items (big or small). In Dubai, mainly businesses dealing with oil use sea freight.

How Does Sea Freight Work?

In a supply chain, sea freight stands as the most important part. To move your goods via waterways, you must contact a shipping company, and in Dubai, it is quite easy to find one. Then, you need to brief them about

  • The goods you are transporting
  • The country/city you are transporting to
  • The weight of the product
  • If you want them to pick up your goods from a specific location, or if you will be delivering them

Usually, shipping companies charge a small amount to pick up your goods from a location - which is better for you if the goods include oil tankers, containers, or heavy machinery.

Usually, you can ship any kind of goods or cargo through sea freight, but it is important to consult the shipping company to ensure that your goods are eligible for transportation. This is because there are some restrictions for certain goods - which means they cannot be transported via sea. Gasoline, explosives, ammunition, and airbags are some examples of goods that are prohibited from being transported via sea. However, you can transport the following items -

  • Liquid Bulk (oil, petrol, crude oil)
  • Dry Bulk (fertilisers, minerals, cement, iron ore, coal)
  • Break Bulk (household furniture, art, farm machinery, vehicle parts)
  • Roll on/Roll off (heavy machinery, vehicles)

Now, if you are thinking how much time it takes for the sea freight to reach its location, then understand - it takes somewhere around 1-8 weeks. This, however, depends on the distance and other factors. Sea freight is one of the most effective means to transport goods globally, and the economy depends on it. Today, it is much easier to transport goods across the globe with the advancement of technology, which has made the ocean way much better and more accessible.