What are the Cost-effective Measures to follow while moving Furniture?

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calander November 02, 2021
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Relocation is often a stressful and awkward situation. In addition, moving and transporting the furniture all alone is also one of the hardest things you face. Nobody can handle the task all alone, there should be some extra hands to help in lifting and moving. Hiring well-established Packers and Movers in the town will be the right choice because all your belongings will be safe even if there is small wear and tear in packaging while doing transportation. Let us have a look at some cost-effective measures while moving furniture.

1. Making and categorising a proper list

Preparing a proper list of all relocating furniture can help you to sort it out while you pack. Categorizing furniture into three types – small, medium, and large is yet another simple way to reduce this particular tedious task. This preparation of the list should be done a week before rather than listing it at the last minute.

2. Start from a small one

Start packing the small furniture that is around you, since it is simple and easy to pack. Using a strong furniture packing box can help you out in this process. Packing should be done according to the quality of the furniture. If it is fragile, more attention should be given.

3. Disassembling the parts

Removing the screws of all chairs and tables, cushions, headboard, and footboard of beds, will be easier to pack and give you more space for packing when they are brought down into small parts. By using certain screwdrivers and pliers, it is easier for unscrewing all the screws and bolts. There are certain knobs present in dressers and drawers; these can also be removed by twisting them either left or right. All these should be kept safely inside a box or packet along with writings on it describing to which of the furniture it belongs to.

4. Wrapping furniture with moving blankets or moving pads

Covering your furniture with a moving blanket or pad can give secure protection.
Start covering from one end of the furniture and make sure that it covers the entire circumference of the furniture wrapping both the top and bottom of the piece. Make use of the old blankets that are in your hands or rent them from a moving service company. This particular process is simple as it is wrapping a gift paper over the gift.

5. Give a coat of protection by covering it with plastic covers

Whether it be wooden, plastic, or some other materials, covering the furniture with a plastic cover after packing with a blanket will give you extra protection just as you use to cover the mattresses. This way of wrapping plastic covers on the furniture will give you a dust-free environment and also prevents it from any stains and spillages.

6. Carrying methods

When it comes to the case of large furniture, it is difficult to carry out all alone. Getting one or more persons to help and hold both sides of the furniture and carry it in a vertical way and getting it through the doorway will make it easier to carry and reduce its actual weight. This is extremely useful in shifting big couches, chairs, and sofas.

7. Make use of shoulder lifting straps

They are generally used to evenly distribute the weight of the heavy furniture while carrying them. Shoulder lifting straps are also called furniture straps or moving straps. These straps can also be adjusted according to the size of the furniture.

8. Bubble Wrapping and Taping

Wrapping bubble wraps along with tapes is an important work before the final packing. This gives an extra layer of protection to the furniture which is fragile as well as expensive. If you are more concerned about scratches or any other damage to the wooden furniture items, wrap the whole thing with bubble wrap and secure it along with the tape for extra strength.

9. Hiring a truck

You can hire a loading truck that has a wide space for loading the furniture. Make sure that you evenly spread the weight of belongings to the truck rather than placing heavy items on one particular side and less weight on the other side making the truck difficult to steer.

Thus with proper planning and strategy, you can easily relocate from one location to another. In fact, you need the help of some hands, but if there is a situation of not getting the desired help you can’t all alone do these shifting of furniture. So it’s better to hire a well-established relocation service company so that you don’t have to bother with all the procedures that have to be done for the entire process. All that you should do is just contact them and they will make sure that your belongings are safely reached your destination.