What are the Types of Carton to Pick Out While You Move?

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calander November 02, 2021
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As we all know relocating from one place to the other is one of the most difficult tasks that many of you face while packing your household items. Each and every item should be well-packed with its appropriate carton boxes or else you may threaten the safety of the products being moved. Let us have a look at the different types of cartons (mainly there are two types: Folding cartons and Rigid box cartons) that are being used for packing for a move and what are the things to be kept in mind while selecting the carton boxes.

Folding cartons are simple and can be easily done vertically or horizontally. This comes in various shapes, sizes as well as in different colors too. Usually, they are made of paper, plastic, glass, metal, and wood and so they are called paperboard cartons or paperboard boxes. The main obligation of these boxes is to provide protection. Rigid cartons are also known as Telescopic boxes. These boxes have a low assembly cost when compared to folding cartons and also they are heftier and do not collapse easily.

1.Corrugated Boxes

The first and foremost packing box that comes to mind while packing and moving or shipping heavy products is a corrugated box, especially since no house moving process is complete without this. From the name itself, it is clear that they are made from corrugated sheets.
This particular box is widely used due to its high bending rigidity and durability. Although it is lightweight, its strength is relentless.

2.Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes are a good option for organizing all of your clothes properly during a move. It is ideal for arranging all dresses like jackets, suits, and tops. They are designed in such a way that clothes can be moved without being smashed and crushed and also they have the hanging option that makes clothes not get folded. Wardrobe Boxes are available in different sizes according to your clothes.

3. Electronic Boxes

Packing your electronic items during your move is one of the most tedious and confusing tasks. As we all know, we have to unplug the electronic devices after use to save the electric energy as well as the same should be done when it comes when it is moved and transported. These Boxes are designed in such a way that fragile items like LCD, LED T.V, computers, etc. are well packed to prevent them from getting damaged. While packing electronic items these are to be kept in a climate-controlled environment to avoid internal damage.

4. Double Walled Boxes

It is also known as Heavy-duty boxes. These are used for double protection of the products as it is assembled from two layers of corrugated cardboard piled up side by side. They are usually used to pack lampshades, classic pieces, mattresses, and other elegant items that need double protection.

5. Dish Pack Carton Boxes

Mainly glasses, bottles, crockery plates, and bowls that are used in the kitchen, antic items, etc. are used to pack it in this carton. Every single item is wrapped and packed individually and placed into different cells of the box to provide extra protection.

6. Book Carton Boxes

From the name itself, it is clear that these are used to pack books, files, CDs, DVDs, calculators, and all stationery items. Mostly these are used for Office Moving and for students who are relocating.

Apart from these boxes, it is equally important to know the use of bubble wrapping and thin plastic film wrapping along with packing tape. Bubble wrapping is safe and convenient to use as it is for packaging fragile items. They come through air-filled hemispheres with regularly spaced bubbles to provide a cushioning effect to the fragile items. It is also known as peanut packing. Basically, they are used to prevent the items packed from coming in contact with sharp edges or corners. Also filling these peanut wrapping in the empty space will secure the item from moving around during the transport.

Closing a packed box is yet another important task as it holds the whole package into a single unit which makes it sturdy. The quality of the tape is also a factor as it makes the packaging come close and reinforce the carton boxes.

All these pieces of work, especially the selection of cartons are not just as simple as it looks, you have to do a thorough outside examination of which all carton boxes are apt for each household item. If not done in proper preparation and planning it will lead to a costly repair. You can seek the help of a well-qualified and Professionally expert Packers and Movers team available around you who are trustworthy.